Using Promo Codes

Using Promo Codes has never been easier! Simply Navigate to the Promotions page, click on the Promo Tile that looks like this: - - Enter the code in the text field and the promotion will be applied to your account! - You can verify that the promotion has entered your account by going to My Account >> Bonus History

Why didn't I get my bonus?

Bonus not received Typically, if a bonus wasn’t awarded, it’s because the terms and conditions of the promotion haven't been met. Make sure to read the Terms and Conditions for that specific promotion and try these steps to find out what may have happened: - Go to the promotions page and check that you have opted in or entered the promo code - In the case of a sports bonus bet, make sure that you have made a qualifying wager. - Check that you have deposited the minimum required amount....

How do I get a bonus?

We are continually updating our promotions page with new and exciting bonuses. Check out the Promotions Page ( to see what we have to offer! You can turn on marketing communications to make sure you are alerted whenever promotions are posted.

I have more than one bonus active. If I play a game that is eligible for both bonuses, which wagering requirement does it count towards?

Occasionally a player may have 2 or more bonuses active in their account. If a game is eligible for both/all bonuses, then the gameplay will count towards the wagering requirement of the bonus that you began to play through first. You can tell which bonus is the oldest by going into My Account >> Bonus History. The bonus that the gameplay will count towards will be whichever bonus is active and at the top of the Bonus History page.

How do I view my Bonuses and Sports Bonus Bets?

Bonuses Login to your account then navigate to ‘My Account’ tab (Locations: on PC/MAC: Top Right, on iOS: Bottom Center, on Android: Top Left Hamburger Menu). Select one of the two ‘Bonus History’ buttons on the page. Click to select the Bonus you would like to view to expand it for more details. Sports Bonus Bets/Profit Boosts Follow the steps above will get you to a screen that looks like this: - - 'Click Here' Will you take you to a page where you'll be able to view your...

How do I use my Free Spins?

How do I know if I am using my free spins? - First, make sure that you are playing a game that Free Spins are eligible for. You can find this information in the promotion’s Terms and Conditions. - If you have active Free Spins, those will automatically be used when you enter an eligible game. - The task bar at the bottom of the screen will show an icon that says Free Spins alongside the remaining count of Free Spins. - You may also find your Free Spins by going to the g...

How do I use my Golden Chips?

Golden Chips promotions will have specified online table games they are eligible to be used on so it is best to always refer to the Terms And Conditions of a given promotion to see what online table games your Golden Chips are eligible to be used on. The Golden Chips will be in the same section as your other chips. Once you know what games your Golden Chips are eligible on you simply have to login and navigate to an eligible game where you will be able to play your Golden Chips. Note: You can ...

What does a wagering requirement mean?

At betPARX we have Wagering Play-through Requirements on all of our bonuses. That means that after you activate your bonus, you have to wager through that Bonus’ Wagering Requirement before any winnings are converted to cash. For example, if you deposit $10 with a 100% Deposit Match bonus promotion with a 10x Wagering Requirement, you would have a Wagering Requirement amount of $100 before pending winnings are converted to cash. If you have any question regarding Wagering Requirem...

How do I cancel/opt-out of a bonus?

To Opt-out of an active Bonus, please Contact Customer Service (; they are available daily via Live Chat Support from 10am through 12 Midnight EST.

What games can I use to complete the wagering requirements of my active bonus?

Depending on the Active Bonus in your account, there are some instances where you may have to play your pending winnings on specific eligible games. This will be noted in the Terms and Conditions of the given promotion. For example, in the instance that a Free Spins promotion where the awarded Free Spins are eligible for Age of Egypt, the winnings from those free spins would be available only on the game(s) for which the free spins were originally issued. In this example, that would mean they ...