Global Pay VIP Preferred / ACH / eCheck Cross Site Access Security Notifications

Global Pay VIP Preferred / ACH / eCheck Cross Site Access Security Notifications As a recent security update, the Global Payments Team (which operates the VIP Preferred ACH/eCheck Deposit and Withdraw Method on our site/app) has implemented a new email/text message security notification that will be sent to end users. This notification will be triggered if the end-user originally enrolled out betPARX and then visits another site and vice versa. This notification will read as follows in the belo...

PA - How do I make a Deposit?

Depositing to your betPARX account has never been easier! Website - You can find the Deposit button in the top right corner of the screen - - Simply click this button and select what Deposit Method you would like to use APP - The process on the app is very similar to the Website - - Select what Deposit Method you would like to use and you're good to go!

PA - How do I check my banking history?

To view Banking History: - My Account >> Banking - Scroll down and you will see a section called Banking History - - This section allows you to view your Deposit and Withdrawal histories and check the status of your Withdrawal/Deposits

Why was my deposit declined?

If your credit/debit card is being declined then it’s possible your card issuer has policies that restrict its use in certain industries. An easy option to work around this is to use prepaid cards such as PaySafeCash/PaySafeCard, Parx Casino Play+, or online bank transfer.

What Deposit methods are available and how do I initiate a Deposit?

We currently have the following Deposit Methods available: - Credit Card – Visa, Mastercard, and Discover - eCheck/ACH – Use your Bank Account - Paypal – Use your Paypal Wallet - Parx Casino Play+ – Personalized Parx Casino Prepaid Card - Skrill – User Your Skrill Wallet - Cage – Fund your account at the cashier cage at Parx Casino. Enter your deposit amount then head to the cashier cage to complete your deposit. Please only request one Cage Deposit at a time. Any...

What is VIP Preferred ACH/eCheck?

VIP Preferred ACH/eCheck is a deposit and withdrawal method that keeps a running balance for you. To link a bank account, you enter your account #, routing #, and driver’s license information for verification. Each account has a weekly limit which is displayed in the Cashier when depositing/withdrawing. This limit is shared across all sites that use VIP Preferred ACH. If you use VIP Preferred ACH at another online casino, it is automatically linked when selecting VIP Preferred ACH. If you ar...

What are the deposit limits?

Deposit limits vary depending on the method. Below is a table that shows all current deposit methods and the limit associated with each one: Method Minimum Deposit Limit Maximum Deposit Limit VIP Preferred (ACH) $10 or More Varies Credit Card $10 or more No Maximum Limit Parx Play + Card $10 or more Maximum of $2000 (Daily), $4,500 (7 day limit), and $10,000 (30 day limit) PayPal $10 or more No Maximum Limit PaysafeCashPS $10 or more Maximum P...