What do my Sportsbook Balances mean?

Sports Balances

Total Sports Balance – Total sum of money of all your sports balances.  This includes the following:

  • Cash that can be wagered on casino games, with and without restrictions
  • Outstanding wagers that have yet to be completed.  E.g. futures

Withdrawable Balance – aka Cash.  Amount of money that can be withdrawn from your account or wagered on casino or sports.

Sports in Play Balance – total sum of money that has been wagered on sports games but has yet to be completed.  For example, you bet $10 on the Super Bowl champion where the game has yet to occur, the $10 will be reflected in this total.  This money can’t be wagered or withdrawn but is reflected in your total Sports balance. 

Bonus Sports Balance – Total amount of Sports Bonus bets and boosts that are available to wager in your account.  This amount can only be wagered on sports games that are eligible for the bonus.  This balance can’t be withdrawn until the wagering requirement is met. Currently not included in the Total Sports balance. If you do have any Sports Bonus Bet or Boost waiting to be used, you can see more information on the Sports bonus itself by clicking on the red hyperlinked "Click Here", which will bring you to all of your currently available Sports Bonus offers.