House Rules - Sports Betting

For Betting Rules, limits, and terms of agreement please view our Sportsbook’s House Rules. This set of terms and conditions, also known as house rules governs the use of the betPARX Sportsbook of Greenwood Gaming, together with betPARX's general Terms & Conditions (the “Terms”).

When placing a bet with betPARX, the patron is therefore agreeing that the patron has read, understood and will be adhering to these Terms & Conditions, together with the Terms at any time applicable to betPARX. The use of this Sportsbook is subject to the regulations imposed by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. 

For any dispute relating in any way to the use of this Sports Book, see the Terms & Conditions. betPARX reserves the right to make changes to the site, betting limits, pay-out limits and offerings. betPARX may update, amend, edit and supplement these Terms & Conditions at any time. Any reference in these Terms & Conditions to words/objects that appear in singular also applies to plural. References to gender are non-binding and to be treated for information purposes only.