How do I set a Timeout/Cool-off period?

If you need a cooling off period from gaming, you can choose our self-suspend Timeout action.

Please be aware that the self-suspension has to be for a minimum of 72 hours and that during that time period you will not be able to login. Please Contact Customer Service should you want your funds returned during that period. The account will be automatically re-enabled after the selected time period has expired.

To set a Timeout/Cool-Off Period, login to your account then navigate to ‘My Account’ tab (Locations: on PC/MAC: Top Right, on iOS: Bottom Center, on Android: Top Left Hamburger Menu).


Scroll to the Timeout ‘Set Timeout Value’ section at the top of the page. Select the time period you prefer for a Self-suspend Timeout then press ‘Apply’. Note: Timeout Duration Period options are: 72 hours, 1 week, 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks or 26 weeks.


Follow these steps: My Profile >>> Responsible Gaming >>> Limits