Login Confirmation Email (Disable/Enable)

To enable or disable login confirmation email, please login and go to the My Account section:


From there, on the profile page scroll down to the section labeled "Notification on Successful Login"


Here you can select to enable or disable the email notification on successful login. Make sure to select 'submit' once you have toggled the button to whichever setting you desire. 



If you are receiving Login Notification Emails but when you login and go to My Account, the profile already shows notifications turned off there are a few steps you can follow to troubleshoot to disable this option. 

1. Login to your account 

2. Navigate to My Account (see below for device specific navigation)

On Desktop: 

On Android: 

On iOS: 

3. Click 'Profile.' 

4. Scroll to 'Notification on Successful Login

5. First select to turn the option on and click 'Submit' to save, then logout. 

6. Log back in (this specific time you will receive a notification, continue through the rest of the steps) to your account and Navigate back to: My Account >> Profile >> Notifications on Successful Login

7. Select to turn the notification preference off and click 'Submit' to save, then logout. 

The next time you sign in, you should not receive any new Login Notification Emails.